The Business of Acting  

Sue Porter Henderson

Sue is a working actor. Her belief is that a consultant should be there for their actor clients.


Why have an Acting Career Consultation with Sue Henderson?

An acting career is a business and like any business it must be treated as such for any degree of success. The acting business is in itself 60% business and 40% talent.

The focus of this consultation is about the "business" of acting. Upon completion you will have sufficient knowledge to successfully pursue your career as an acting business.

Sue offers what others do not; UNLIMITED telephone access to jump start you in the acting business! After your initial acting consultation, many questions will arise throughout your career. Schedule your session with Sue today by phone or online.

$250 Consultation: Unlimited

Includes no time restraints, unlimited telephone follow up questions, and 2 publications.


$100 Consultation: 30 minutes.


You may secure your session now by ordering online…

or call: (212) 472-2292


Meet Sue Henderson

As an actor, Sue Henderson has worked steadily since 1973 in both television and film including all the major soaps filmed in New York. Her most recent screen credit (opposite Alec Baldwin) is as the Interior Decorator in the film, "The Devil and Daniel Webster." Other credits include principal roles in "The Bell Jar", "The King Of Comedy" and roles in "The Scout", "Ransom", and "Sex in the City" (the movie).

As an acting consultant, Sue has helped hundreds of actors get their careers on track by showing them how to focus on what counts; namely the business of acting. You will be taught the business side of the craft; the process of obtaining an agent and how to clarify who you should be targeting.

Sue will evaluate or instruct you on how to obtain the necessary tools; including headshots, resumes and cover letters. She will also discuss and refer appropriate training if needed.

We look forward to hearing from you!


The Do's and Don'ts of Successful Actors, Five Pitfalls to Avoid

Sample this brief interview of Sue Henderson by Inside Success Radio host Randy Gilbert.


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