Personal Managers Directory  Subscription Quarterly:<BR /><strong>Hardcopy Mail Delivery</strong>

Personal Managers Directory Subscription Quarterly:
Hardcopy Mail Delivery

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Subscription 4 Issues per year updated quarterly. You save $11.00!

Everything you need to know about how to get a personal manager; what to expect, and a listing of the "Who's Who" of the personal manager world. This book is published quarterly and includes listings for the National Conference of Personal Managers (NCOPM) and the varied talents they seek.

Informative Explanations including:
  • The Six Questions of Personal Management"
  • The Personal Management Profession Today"
  • The Different Levels of Management"
  • Managers for "Newcomer" Talents
Updated Quarterly

Hardcopy Mail Delivery: Allow seven business days delivery time.

Downloadable PDF version available here.

Bill Espy"Information in this business is like all businesses, and the communication of that information is essential. This Directory provides just that!"

Bill Espy - the original Dr. Snapper Foster of The Young & The Restless CBS
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