Henderson's Secrets of Successful Actors: Hardcopy Mail Delivery

Henderson's Secrets of Successful Actors: Hardcopy Mail Delivery

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Sue Henderson expands on advice she has been giving to aspiring actors since founding her company, Henderson Enterprises.

The slim volume - only 100 or so pages - is full of valuable tips, ideas and resources for fledgling actors, or those who may need a refresher or even for parents whose children have caught the "acting bug".

Throughout, she maintains a sense of humor and emphasizes that not everyone will achieve stardom, but there are plenty of acting opportunities if a person has basic talent and follows a few simple rules.

You'll find "tips to live by" which can be applied to any profession; making the book an interesting read for those with just a general interest in the entertainment field.

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Includes advice on:
  • What makes a successful/working actor?
  • What about acting venues? Film, theater, television, commercials, soap operas, corporate videos, etc.
  • Marketing yourself and developing "your type"
  • Tips on working with agents, casting directors and managers
  • Unions: to join a union or not?
  • Scam artists: how to avoid them
  • How to save money and time! The business of acting

Linda Dano"If only this book had been written when I started my journey as an actor, life would have been so much easier! The knowledge and the truths that are mixed in with Sue's intelligence and wit should make this book something that should be on every actor's shelf."

Linda Dano, ABC TV personality, Emmy Award winning actor, talk-show host, designer and author

Bubba Brechtol"I have a son who is an actor. I will give him this book! I trust the rest to Sue."

T. Bubba Bechtol, Dad and Comedian, Regular on The Nashville Network (TNN) and the Grand Ole Opry
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